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This is a weekly podcast that delivers for-us-by-us campfire stories, pro tips, and fresh ideas about how to amplify your efforts, innovate the industry, and solve problems specific to the wild and wonderful world of campground ownership—because real talk is refreshing.
Business Building
for Campgrounds
Problem-Solving Through the Lens of Profitability
Success Stories in Growth and Profitability
Adventures in Accounting.
(Yes, accounting.) 
Progressive and Proactive Entrepreneurialism
State of the Market
How-Tos / Thought Leadership
As a community, we’re only getting started on our own adventure here in the podcasting universe, but I’ve got big dreams for the kind of content we’re going to create here.

Make it your mission to find the world’s greatest roasting stick and meet us at the campfire for entrepreneurial storytime and tales of wonder and wander for Campground Owners.

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Your hosts in this audio experience

Meet Donna Bordeaux
‍The entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, Donna has dedicated the last ten years in her accounting career becoming a business growth specialist specifically for the business of campgrounds. She is in relentless pursuit of optimization for her clients, here to breathe life into Campground Ownership and make sure that you never miss an opportunity, experience, exploration, or understanding.
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Meet Zack Bordeaux
Zack is the marketing and social media connoisseur that delivers the GenZ perspective for the next generation of Campground ownership. He is the voice of the consumer from the kid’s perspective. Having been camping with his family since as long as he can remember, Zack’s intuition for what makes a great campground is in his blood.
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Meet your hosts

Donna Bordeaux

Works tirelessly to make sure campgrounds are optimized for making the most money possible.

Zack Bordeaux

Industry knowledge from a young consumers perspective.
Welcome to Campground Compass. I’m so glad you’re here.

The heart of everything is community and that’s the kind of environment we foster here. From our old-timers to our newbies, every one of our colleagues, clients, and partners are a part of something way bigger.

Yes, I want Campground Compass to be top-of-mind for great leaders who want a high-performing operation — and I also want to be a place where people learn that they can love owning a campground. It’s so rewarding to embrace an expansive relationship with inspired entrepreneurship and the very idea of growth.

I come by my expertise honestly; I’ve been helping small business owners spend time with their family, go on vacation, have a life, and build the profit plan of their dreams for more than a few decades. I’ve got a passion for a progressive perspective of accounting— because there’s more to taxes than being on time and more to life than taxes.

Meet Campground Accounting

Business isn’t a burden when someone you trust has got your back.

Entrepreneurs, legacy-builders, and stewards of family businesses, if you want to make the most of your campground investment without it taking the most out of you, meet Campground Accounting. We are the full-service CPA and RV enthusiast team that delivers a way out of operations overwhelm, decision-fatigue, and fear of surprises.... because there’s more to taxes than being on time, and there’s more to life than business.

Read: From stressed to distressed to best dressed.
Meet Holden Beach RV Park

Meet Dozer Dog Designs

Professional people to take the effort and run with it.
If you love social media and brand strategy, get to know Dozer Dog Designs. From multi-faceted and sophisticated marketing mixes to passion projects, tap into a fresh perspective, leadership savvy, and white glove service... but only if you like consistent communication, smooth operations, and the three A’s: acumen, accountability, and accessibility.
Dozer Dog Designs