Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of campground ownership.

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of campground ownership.

Hosted By:
Donna Bordeaux
Hosted By:
Zack Bordeaux
Campground Compass is the weekly podcast that delivers for-us-by-us campfire stories, pro tips, and fresh ideas about how to amplify your efforts, innovate the industry, and solve problems specific to owning a campground.
Explore the ways that you can lean into accounting acumen to plan your whole tax strategy without freaking out about it.
Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset.
Experience the transformation from Crisis Mode to expansive, progressive business leadership.
Press play on your bigger ideas

Meet your hosts

Donna Bordeaux

Works tirelessly to make sure campgrounds are optimized for making the most money possible.

Zack Bordeaux

Industry knowledge from a young consumers
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Where campground ownership and mindset are free to roam.

S’mores, entrepreneurs, and mores.

Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset so that your campground can grow, expand, and improve; breathing life into profit planning and tax strategies for campground owners.

Campground Compass is the podcast that invites you to be ready for anything and embrace a “progressive business” frame of mind. We’re sharing industry insight, expansive ideas, and proven strategies here to help amplify entrepreneurial efforts and the encouragement to “back in” to your wildest dreams.

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Never misses an opportunity, experience, exploration or understanding and breathe life into campground ownership

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